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Who are we?

Your trustworthy partner

Aurum Private Wealth is a professional, private wealth management firm founded by our management team in recognition that our affluent clients require attentive strategic investment solutions bespoke to their diverse needs.

We pride ourselves on our services and personalised solutions. Aurum Private Wealth is not beholden to any other financial institution and uses this freedom to seek best of breed solutions for our clients.

Drawing from years of experience working with high-net-worth individuals and leading financial institutions across many continents, our solutions continue to succeed in the delivery of a range of financial services with a strong emphasis on risk management for affluent clients.

Strategic solutions

We focus on providing wealth management solutions in a systematic context with long term strategies. Our advisory services are available for high-net-worth families seeking listed and unlisted investment opportunities in global markets.


Our research and due diligence team focus on developing wealth management solutions based on your needs. As your trusted long-term partner, we provide professional services to grow, preserve and making meaningful usage of your wealth.

Meaningful goals

At the end of the day, it’s not about how much wealth you have, it’s about how much you can achieve with it and how much you can enjoy it. Our generational wealth planning service will not only provide you sense of security in this more complicated market, but also help your family to grow wealth and success.

Our guiding principles

Wealth flows from energy and ideas

Government policies and industrial regulations change all the time. To ensure successful wealth management, we keep up with changing rules and mitigate risks.

We try our best to free you from the complexities and complications of legal terms and conditions.

The current society is not short of products and projects, we select the ones best benefit you and your family based on your unique needs and situation. 

Family wealth concierge

Aurum Private Wealth is an Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Family Wealth Concierge that provides personalised family office services to a discerning clientele. Our aim is to provide trusted, holistic, personalised value-adding services to support your needs.

Strategic Wealth Management

  • Asset Allocation and Risk Management
  • Investment Structuring and Placement
  • Generational Wealth and Estate Planning
  • Off-market Investment Opportunities

Housing and Education Service

    • Housing services 
    • Education services
    • Healthcare services

Investment Immigration

Aurum Private Wealth provides comprehensive investment immigration solutions including:

  • Pre-SIV(Significant Investor Visa) and 188C Visa investment solutions
  • 132A (Business Talent Visa)
  • Expatriate Cultural Consulting
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Professional Service Packages

As our esteemed clients,you have the access to our trusted partner networks for professional services in these areas:

  • Migration Law Services
  • Business & General Legal Services
  • Taxation Advisory


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